Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Surf Rider Skegness Bottons has collapsed

UPDATE INFO 31-08-2011
It was said that the whole carriage smashed into the decking when it came down as a result of an exploding cog that disintegrated due to the pressure.
2 boys who were on the ride earlier did say that the ride didn't feel quite right.
Another public  quotes:
 " it could have been the teeth that sit in the motor as this was the type of sound it seemed to make"
"sounded like a plane crash"
“It took about four seconds for it to fall and it made a clunking sound before it fell down to the ground and made this huge bang"
“I think this little boy who looked about seven or eight was in the seat which hit the floor the most"
he was seen to be sobing and looked so terrified
A police spokesperson said: “The call came in at 3.15pm. an incident involving one of the rides -
believed to be the Surf Rider.
According to a friend of mine who has been near the scene "there is said that the whole ride carrying adults and children was stuck in vertical position

The Health and Safety Executive have been informed

I am shocked and surprised that they never been to examine Bottons rides until now.
For years of living here i have seen so many items failing including: the shocking chair! that takes our money! but only shocks one hand and then ends because it thinks we let go.I could say more but don't want to get in touble for slander (Speaking the truth)
The Rides are host to so many cobwebs with dust settled on them. It just shows me the dis-respect they give to Skegness.

Twenty-two people have been rescued from the ride and only suffered minor injuries as a result.
but it took 4 fire crews to work together using ropes and equipment to bring the arm down.

Additional information to compare with news above.
Four fire engines, eight ambulances and two helicopter air ambulances were called at 3.15pm and soon arrived on the scene to rescue those trapped and rush the injured to hospital.
Within 39 minutes fire crews from Skegness, Spilsby and Wainfleet had safely removed all of the trapped occupants from the ride.
“It was a heavy jolt from the 3.2 tonne carriage so it will have caused some potential neck and C spine injuries and a number of people have been taken to hospital
Eye witnesses earlier in the day said they saw maintenance being carried out on the ride shortly after 10am and what they believed to be a cooling fan was replaced.

A Comment from a local resident  retired Engineer who saw and talked about what happened said it seemed to look like the cogs were probably not greased  properly or problems with the bearings.


ahsokatanojedigirl said...

i am very shocked i went on this ride only a week or so before with my younger sister. we went on the ride over 20 times in total, watched by our dad and his girlfriend.the idea that it collapsed makes me feel sick. we had noticed a rattling sort of shuddering on the ride a few times wen we were on it but i think its unlikley to be anything to do with it since it was over a week ago. i dont ever want to go on what i recently considered to be the best ride ive been on in my life ever again!

shellhil said...

just looking at the update information posted 2 days ago and just want to comment that it was actually my sixteen year old stepdaughter that was in the seat that hit the floor first. Both her father and myself honestly thought at first that she had been crushed by the impact. Just correcting a previous comment.

Dean Bradford said...

Thank you for your comment. I am so glad nobody died.
The information about who was at the point of the grounds impact when the ride went down was taken from our local papers interview information that they collected. Thankyou for re-informing me and correcting that information.

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