Whale on Skegness Beach (Dead)

Saturday Morning people were standing witness to a sea giant (Known as a Sperm Whale).
This poor unlucky gentle giant seems scarred and battered after washing up by Skegness pier.
At close inspection wee see a pool off blood near the mouth.

Reports say it has been buried under sand until Monday when it will be moved off the beach.
Hopefully before it explodes from the decaying gasses with in.

It does make me question the reasons real reason for covering this up! Maybe scars may give us clues of the cause of death. (Evidence that may be later used to cause blames)
 To start with we don't have any shipping traffic and the whole ocean out to the east is not really deep at all.

So what is bringing these to our waters?  There has been word of Sunstars, starfish washing up dead.
I got a feeling there will be more Whale washes ups along the east coast  this year.
As Climate change takes effect.

I would like to ask a question...  Does under water electrical power cables have any effect to wildlife in the sea?    If you know the answer to this then please comment on this post.


We were there.Charlie,jake'marie,and mark Stevenson from mansfield-awesome sight.tried to pinch a tooth but couldn't.did you know,largest teeth in the world..smelt really bad,felt sorry for poor creature but can say at least I've touched a whale

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