Haunted Robot

Here is some Skegnews from the past,
About a haunted robot called Rovio.
The report below is unedited but was written 5 years ago.

A few weeks ago I brought a rovio robot that can be controlled via Internet or local wifi link from iPhone ect.
But 2 weeks later things un expected happened after I talked about a very old friend who is no longer with us. My robot suddenly woken up and came and looked at me as if some body was watching me. The head lifted up and tracked my movement. I know this robots settings and I know I had not had it set to come out. My mate Alan was Was sitting near window and my robot also looked at me. My room was dark with just the light from my LED tv and was not of the best conditions for rovio to do any patrols at all. Then I decided to turn on my room light, I pressed the light switch as I watched rovio and something odd happened. The robot suddenly had no power. Alan and me were a little freaked out by this and just decided to call it a glitch. Alan thought it…

Large Fire Takes hold of Nottingham Train Station

UPDATE: Added 22:00
It has been said that the police are treating the incident as arson.
No people were hurt, But the railway do recommend people make other travel arrangement for Saturday, As more disruptions are expected.
The fire as been taken control of, even though fire fighters are still dealing with fire.

The end of line disaster that will cause major problems for not only Nottingham, but all networks for people commuting to work and even Skegnesss will be effected by the people who travel by train.

At around 06:30am this morning, a fire started from a toilet block, and rapidly expanded out of control.
The ticket station effected is right above the track of all major routes.
All trains were cancelled and will be for the un foreseeable future at this point, as more than 50 fire fighters try and take control.
I have added this to UBAlert app.

I do hope that some smart ideas unfold from this, and they at least try save some people from distress where ever possible.
If they were to so…

Where am I ?

Take a look and you will see, I have a nice cup in front of me,
Americano is what I have, full of rich aromas and roasted bliss.
It’s like the perfect moment building to the perfect kiss.

All I ask is where Am I, based on the picture and description, with this knowledge you will gain wisdom when it comes to having a very special coffee in Skegness.

Please let me know in comments your answers, I will be very grateful if you could follow my blog, thankyou, please checkout my archive going back years, You May find a surprising Read.

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Hazard spotting Skegness

The image below is part of the route that a lot of people take on the way to Beacon Medical centre, brail foot path near crossings for people with poor or no eye sight to use to help them identify the crossing. Little would they know, waiting for the sounding of the green man could turn into a road side splash up.
I use sticks myself to aid me walking and did find it very difficult to Manoeuvre indeed.

Also I notice fresh cracks along the path heading towards the beacon medical, also there are also older cracks that look older and filled with dirt.
I am not sure what is causing it. But I thought I would share it as it’s something we all should know, mainly incase it become worst and may cause Injury to people we care about.

If anyone has anything that I should blog about then please get in touch,
Writing local news is just a hobby for me, and any one who has something that I could use, please let me know.

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Location:Thompson Close,Skegness,Unite…

Strange Trail Rings over Skegness

Walking out Holland and Barrett and my eyes are instantly distracted by this strange formation in the sky,
A double ring trail? In a perfect loop, and no trail leaving makes this very unusual in deed

Bellow is a Time lapse of it drifting away quite slow really, this time lapse is about 10 minutes of footage that I speed up.
If anyone has anything to add to this then feel free to let us know.

If you see or hear anything strange in and around Skegnesss then please let me know and I will credit your name to the reporting. Please let me know if you want to be Anonymous.
This blog is just a hobby past time that I use to distract myself from creative thoughts.

Power issues in the east of Lincolnshire

Between 18:00 hours going through till early hours, the east coast of Lincolnshire had some power outages and power fluctuations. Ingoldmels estate was hit by a blackout, but the people below the the black line on map just had power fluctuations, So I decided to check with residents on local community group on Facebook and received instant reports from people as it was happening. Winthorpe and Skegness power grid was fluctuating at the same rate. Spilsby and Wainfleet also had fluctuations but they were a lot less noticed as far as I know.

I advised people to turn off their computers until the pulse waves have settled,
The Ingoldmels area and northwards is on a high voltage network, and it’s that what went down.
Everywhere bellow the black line was just affected by the slight electric magnetic wave.

At this point I don’t have enough evidence to say the cause, but as soon as I know, I will report it on here.

If anyone else has any local information that I should write about on my blog…

iPhone drain your battery to automatically upload all your videos and photos to the cloud

It’s come to my own attention that early this morning I recorded some windy video footage whilst I waited for a bus, when I was writing a message to a friend, I notice the battery going down really fast, I had already lowered my screen brightness and closed all apps, but still the power was going down in front of me.
Then I remember that I had been filming something earlier. Anything I film gets automatically uploaded to iCloud, using up my data and power in the background. At this rate my iCloud will get full so fast, and I am now starting to feel like a slave to their charges. I am a creative user and this isn’t fare.

Do you have this issue? Then please write a comment cheers

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Meteor Impact in Winthorpe ?

It is rumoured around Skegness, that in the early ours of 31st of December 2017
A meteor cracked into 3 parts, the largest piece was seen impacting at Winthope near Skegness.
Some people are saying things like, maybe it was a missile test from North Korea landing in the sea. Maybe his choice of firework is a missile.
If anyone knows more information, Then please leave a message or get in touch.
At this point, We don’t know 100%, what happened.

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Location:Thompson Close,Skegness,United Kingdom