Haunted Robot

Here is some Skegnews from the past,
About a haunted robot called Rovio.
The report below is unedited but was written 5 years ago.

A few weeks ago I brought a rovio robot that can be controlled via Internet or local wifi link from iPhone ect.
But 2 weeks later things un expected happened after I talked about a very old friend who is no longer with us. My robot suddenly woken up and came and looked at me as if some body was watching me. The head lifted up and tracked my movement. I know this robots settings and I know I had not had it set to come out. My mate Alan was Was sitting near window and my robot also looked at me. My room was dark with just the light from my LED tv and was not of the best conditions for rovio to do any patrols at all. Then I decided to turn on my room light, I pressed the light switch as I watched rovio and something odd happened. The robot suddenly had no power. Alan and me were a little freaked out by this and just decided to call it a glitch. Alan thought it…

What’s happened to our green grass? Update

This post is an update in regards to this the post I posted regarding my Skegness report.

It’s been only 2 days since all the grass as turned into to a pale golden colour.
I visited Lincoln from Skegness today.
I notice the fields of wheat have already started turning Golden and are way below the height for a normal size crop.

After a little bit of research, I discover that grass needs nitrogen in its soil to help a lawn flourish, remove the nitrogen and the grass will turn yellow.

Maybe the strange weather conditions we been getting may have affected the soils nutritional balance, also fires reported in places in England (Yorkshire) caused by hot weather.

The reason why we have been getting bad weathers and sun bursts, is all to do with space and our position during a time when all planets align on one side of the sun, and this can cause magnetic offset and can influence the sun to create massive particle ejections that can cause strange weathers on this planet and can cause magmatic ev…

What happened to our Green Grass?

Yesterday the grass was green and sky was blue, Birds were singing, black birds and wagtails seemed to have a lot to say.

But the very next day, by the end of the day, the grass has dried up big time,

Even the football field over the fence, has completely dried up too.

If anyone who reads this blog, who also lives in England, could you please comment and maybe share your reports so that we can see how far this has impacted our nature.

Farm animals and nature depend on it.

Location:Thompson Close,Skegness,United Kingdom

The Vampire Gnats are here

After the wet weekend and humid temperatures and the higher levels of heat for this time of year.
Its become perfect conditions for millions of gnats to leave puddles and standing waters.
Giant stacks of used tires make for perfect breeding.
As well as an high levels of green taking to the air, this makes a very busy sky for us all.
Having that sat, Lady birds numbers can increase when their favorite food source is at its highest.

My advice for people having outdoor evening BBQ's next to grass that is not cut short, May disturb resting gnat, that Will surely invade people legs that are not completely covered.

In-fact a friend reminded me of a Dream I had about three weeks ago about us being invaded by an overwhelming number of tiny gnats.
In this dream I saw people being attacked by such an alarming amount that it caused people to start falling to the ground. also I mentioned flies that carry something very bad.
Its normal for events in my dreams to to pass, 
When I lived in Nott…

Pets at home is not coming soon

I had a hard time sleeping tonight with the thought going around in my head of the giant message on the window of Pets at Home, saying Coming soon.
All the people that will still see it, causing them to think of their pets and how they will spoil them.
Also the advice and smiling faces of a pet company that seemed down to earth after their admin and staff also have pets of their own.

So I had to skip my sleep and Trollope over to pets at home to make a little change to the sign without causing any disrespect as much as possible.

Please forgive me if you don’t think I should have done what I did.
I needed to know that the sign was not still giving out false hopes.

Now I can finally goto sleep at almost 5am.

Please write a comment, so we can show what great costumers they were about to get.

I myself have a VIP card for pets at home.
I have brought stuff from the Lincoln store and online. But I have held back since end of 2017, ready to splash out on the grand opening.

The excitement m…

No Pets at Home *unfortunately the store won't be opening anymore*

Just like many people in Skegness who love their pets and love to show affection with treats and fun,
There is never too much choice when they are here right now.
I been looking forward to treating my pets from before they were built.
And today i decided to get in touch with some one at customer services just to get confirmation of the store being opened as planned.
 Here is what I was replied:
From Stuart:
It was decided this week that unfortunately the store won't be opening anymore.

I then said so many people have been looking forward to it opening from ages.


There appears to be some confusion about our plans for a Pets at Home store in Skegness so we want to take this opportunity to clarify. We keep our opening plans under regular review as store openings can take some time to come to fruition and both the retail environment and the property market can be volatile. At a recent review of our store opening plans we decided, with regret, not to progress with our plan to op…

Skegness skies and Dark shadow beam?

As I was loading some shopping into my back pack.
I just looked and noticed a long dark line going strait down

At first the plane wasn’t in sight yet and then it showed up and followed the dark line, but not long after I taken these pictures the plane turned away from it and continued to make white trails

The dark line didn’t move at all and was still present when plane changed course.

It’s very strange me catching 2 event like this for the first time.

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Location:Thompson Close,Skegness,United Kingdom

Cloud Displacement, over Skegness

In the evening of Skegness on Tuesday, there seemed to have a lot going on in the skies.
 Its one huge masterpiece after another.
I noticed a strange section that seems to me like a section of cloud has either gone or its just below it.
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