Haunted Robot

Here is some Skegnews from the past,
About a haunted robot called Rovio.
The report below is unedited but was written 5 years ago.

A few weeks ago I brought a rovio robot that can be controlled via Internet or local wifi link from iPhone ect.
But 2 weeks later things un expected happened after I talked about a very old friend who is no longer with us. My robot suddenly woken up and came and looked at me as if some body was watching me. The head lifted up and tracked my movement. I know this robots settings and I know I had not had it set to come out. My mate Alan was Was sitting near window and my robot also looked at me. My room was dark with just the light from my LED tv and was not of the best conditions for rovio to do any patrols at all. Then I decided to turn on my room light, I pressed the light switch as I watched rovio and something odd happened. The robot suddenly had no power. Alan and me were a little freaked out by this and just decided to call it a glitch. Alan thought it…

The Bad Apple just became a lot more badder

Apple leave millions without a detecting and identifying any iPhone's charge cable that isn't made by them and simply preventing anyone from charging from it. with an official cable that cost £19 to £29, This cables bad design fault makes the cable very easy to break. To me its about the engineering, and not the price.

Below is just a review of customers who brought the official iPhone cables direct from  Apple.

Beware of the latest update.
But beware, You may not be able to charge your phone.

There is no fault of your cable, Its just not an official Apple cable.

But you go buy another cable un aware that that cable will seem faulty.

There was an update a few months back that prevented me  from using every cable i had.

So i was forced to pay quite a lot for a GOODMANS stand charger from my local, this
charger worked with no problem until this latest update.
At first i thought my charger was faulty, But it didn't take me long to work out that the phone is recei…

The Rise & Fall of Automation

The Rise and the Fall of world Automation

Rich,Rich,Rich,Rich|Robot, Robot,Robot,Robot

Rich,Rich,Rich,Rich|Robot, Robot,Robot,Robot

Rich,Rich,Rich,Rich|Robot, Robot,Robot,Robot

Rich,Rich,Rich,Rich|Robot, Robot,Robot,Robot

Rich,Rich,Rich,Rich|Robot, Robot,Robot,Robot

Rich,Rich,Rich,Rich|Robot, Robot,Robot,Robot

Rich,Rich,Rich,Rich|Robot, Robot,Robot,Robot

Rich,Rich,Rich,Rich|Robot, Robot,Robot,Robot

Rich People, Robots, Poor People Extinction,

Rich People, Robots, Poor People Extinction

Rich People, Robots, Poor People Not needed

Rich People, Robots, Poor People Extinction

Rich wealthy people not needing to work,

People live of pure glamour because we can rely on Robots Do everything,

Many Years later, Rich people depend on Robots for everything, Massive EMP from the sun knocks the world into Darkness, All electric things come to a halt.

Suddenly there isn’t anyone around who knows how to do any work because the robots always did it.

All the lower class people who did stuff are now ext…

Total Automation 2020

Total Automation by year 2020

This is the year it will have established hold our worlds population.
It will inevitably be effecting many people who have been replaced by robot arms in so many industries.

Self service checkouts are already a sign that people are starting to no longer br needed.
Robot arms improve productivity and don’t need breaks, and can work 24/7 and don’t need any Holidays.
Japan have been leading the way in the use of robot arms, and being also the vending machine capitol of the world.
What is more alarming is that China have a massive demand in their robot arms to America and Europe and world wide.

An owner of the robot arms manufacturing factory has plans to have his own robot arms replace his staff so they can help speed up its supplies of arms to its huge demand.
When the owner was asked: What will happen to your staff when they lose their job.
He replied: They will be fine, as they can get another job somewhere else. The interviewer looked a bit distorte…

Retail Parks Tipping Point makes me sad

I spend most my concentration looking down at every step I take.
7 years ago, I was unlucky to get caught in sinking sand near golf course on the way to Ingoldmells. It was like trying to get out of wet cornflour, the more I tried to pull myself out using my bike frame, I felt a sucking sensation, so I moved very slow, when I was bringing out my last leg, I rushed and it caused a loud cracking sound in my ankle.
So a few days later I was on the way to start a new security job, when my foot that cracked, suddenly turned inwards and then I stumble onto the road, a oncoming car forced me to try get out the way, then my foot cracked upwards also.
So too this day, my left foot hasn’t been able to move, and the leg is always very tight in the muscles. But the Doctors don’t know how to resolve it.

So this is why I really care about what’s on the ground, I don’t want anybody else to go through what I did, and I don’t want my other foot to suffer the same fate.

So onto my main news report.

The top r…

Skegness Loses a Serious Bus Route *Massive Impacts*

Stagecoach bus services that come into skegness from Burgh Le Marsh, Suddenly stopped running along burgh Road. on the 22nd of January 2018, And Kathleen who was visiting her son who is in need of help with a few things at home because of his limited abilities.
A simple meet up at M&S cafe was the plan, but she ended up having to get off at the bus station, then walking all the way to burgh road just to do a normal routine meet up.
After their coffee's they called the information office, and was told that the bus isnt running tomorrow also,
Its only today, that someone tagged them on facebook to a notice on a group that the number 6 will be changed to number 56 and will not be going down burgh road, and this is to be permanent thing due a hugh road works plan.

What Impact will this have:
Local people needing to use the public service to get to Lincolns City Hospital appointments or getting to the Skegness Bus station to take a Boston Bus to the Pilgrim Hospital.
Also the Holid…

iPhone X could possibly cancel due to poor sales

It’s true, IPhone X could be pulling the plug on the X because of poor sales.
They think that they can just keep poking us with new IPhone’s and enslave is with iCloud charges for use of memory and still limit us to the creative freedom we want in our lives.

They have pulled the rug under our feet a bit too hard this time.
They don’t realise it’s trust that is bringing down the sales, more of us owners are waking up and smelling the real coffee.
You want us to be I-zombies don’t ya

I am a creative person, I do stop motion animations, make music, write poetry, songs and short stories, I invent things, this means I use a lot of memory, also when I go out and film something for my blog or YouTube channel, it’s instantly uploaded to the cloud, and I have to down load it again if I want to edit with it right there and then. This means it will be using my data and draining my phones battery faster. And it slows my ability to edit videos properly. I have filled my cloud memory up and was f…

Large Fire Takes hold of Nottingham Train Station

UPDATE: Added 22:00
It has been said that the police are treating the incident as arson.
No people were hurt, But the railway do recommend people make other travel arrangement for Saturday, As more disruptions are expected.
The fire as been taken control of, even though fire fighters are still dealing with fire.

The end of line disaster that will cause major problems for not only Nottingham, but all networks for people commuting to work and even Skegnesss will be effected by the people who travel by train.

At around 06:30am this morning, a fire started from a toilet block, and rapidly expanded out of control.
The ticket station effected is right above the track of all major routes.
All trains were cancelled and will be for the un foreseeable future at this point, as more than 50 fire fighters try and take control.
I have added this to UBAlert app.

I do hope that some smart ideas unfold from this, and they at least try save some people from distress where ever possible.
If they were to so…