Jewels in the sands

There are many reasons why people like to go down the the beach,
Some people it's the sounds and the fresh air, some like to rest and relax,
But me! I am to mentally restless, I need to keep distracting my over creative mind with something therapeutic, and to me this means looking for strange looking stones and the occasional colourful glass pebbles that wash ashore.

Tip... Open you mind scope to wide search and focus on the colours you want to see, and look at everything in your scope and you will see lots of shiny colours popping out at you. This makes for less effort physically.

I have walking aides to help me get about but my back does cause me intense cramps and spasms. But the fashion of the hunt distracts me for a moment.

On Sunday just gone I had Sunday dinner and a wonder on the beach and here is the washed up sea glass that I found in a matter of 30 minutes.

Lucky for me! I found my favourite colour.
Royal Blue on Glass with natural light shining through it.
Right next to an ultra rare green glass pebble.

Bellow is a chart that explains why different glass colours are starting to be in decline and rarer as plastic as taken over from glass.

So next time you go down to the beach, keep an eye out for worn down glass! Who knows what you may stumble on, you may be lucky to find gemstones.


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