A poem for a New Skegness

Skegness beach poem that I wrote to express my feelings in my own way.
Written by myself Dean Bradford

Sitting down on Skegness beach
Cascading clouds in heavens Reach
Surroundings of pale blue highs and sounds.

Moods are taken with the winds
Mirrored realities reflect the sands
Cascading clouds in chattered lands.
All I can say is this awakens my emotions and washes doubt away into the pale blue forces.

Sitting or standing on the sand, an expansion of my mind projected over the stones that be.
Looking for stones of greens and deep blues of the sea.
Glinting jewels of a time that once was.
In washed up whispers of bygones ages
Whispers of joys and and natures rages.

Let the sea wash away those doubtful thoughts
Waves of wisdom to wash away the sorrowful ways.
Blown forever lightly, through a lifting violet haze.

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